Since we’ve last spoken…

Took a short but sweet trip home to New York. 

Admired some stunning, uncharacteristic Bronx views that I take for granted.

Hung out/ate in my favorite neighborhood spots with my favorite home buddies

Began restaurant week celebrations with a fabulous dinner at Meritage. (full post coming soon!)

Strutted around and awkwardly posed in some Purple Pantalones. Went out on a Tuesday evening.

Wait, am I back in Dublin?

Made some delicious, healthy & natural peanut butter + banana cups

Adapted from this awesome recipe by Chocolate-Covered Katie

Finished up my amazingly educational summer internship with Nellie Mae Education Foundation.

As you can see, I’ve been super busy. As you may be able to imply, I haven’t been quite on track with “healthy living” this week. Going home is always a struggle. I am always reminded of how I became chubby by the types of foods my parents did (and still do) keep in the house. I’m thinking of calling them Mr. and Mrs Entenman’s, because anyone who has three boxes of their treats in the house at a time deserves such a title. Coffee cake=kryptonite.

My first day in New York I worked out. Yay, woohoo! Then I went to dinner with my mom at this cute, neighborhood restaurant called “Paddy’s on the Bay.” The food was nothing to write home about, but it was tasty and comfortable and made me very happy. Then we went for a long walk around SUNY Maritime campus. Gorgeous waterside views and good-looking cadets. Best dessert I could ask for! (After coffee cake, of course). Coffee and plans to see friends kept me up until an obscene our which then sabotaged my bike riding plans for Saturday. Whoops. I watched Gossip Girl on the couch all day and then topped my evening off with a homecooked meal from Mama and dessert with one of my best friends Maria at one of my all-time FAVORITE restaurants, The Black Whale in City Island. The outdoor garden is so cozy and pretty; it just felt so nice to catch up with her and other high school amigas.

A 7AM bus to Boston meant a seriously sleep-deprived Zetty. This, coupled with a 10 hour work shift, meant no work out. Whoops, two unintentional rest days. With wrapping up both of my summer jobs, my schedule has been hectic. Staying up late and waking up early is not a pattern I cope well with. I was supposed to workout after work and before our reservation at Meritage, but I didn’t want to be sweaty/rush my workout and preferred playing with the peanut butter cup recipe. Three rest days and too much food? No bueno, no bueno at all.

Today I was super good! Nice, healthy breakfast of yogurt, grapes, peanut butter and flax.

Delicious salad that looked like this:

And I am determined to bring myself out of this exercise funk TONIGHT with a run, some weight lifting and more cardio if I’m up for it. I think I probably maintained my current weight (I hope) and will weigh in tomorrow. I have three more restaurant week reservations planned, so in general I’m not getting my hopes up for any huge losses.

However, that doesn’t mean I won’t work hard to still get the results I want.

Survive restaurant week without weight gain? Challenge accepted!


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